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NicetoPost is a Studio in Palermo “Hollywood” located within the Audiovisual District. The Studio provides services of Sound Post Production, Original Music for Film and TV as well as Dubbing into Neutral Spanish.


The Studios mayor claim is to achieve a warm working surrounding where we can provide our best effort, creative abilities and technical knowledge to perform the jobs so our clients feel satisfaction for choosing Us.



We hope to contribute a pleasant work experience to you, so you feel comfortable and see the good results professionals can provide you with so that Sound Post Production, Original Music and Dubbing into Neutral Spanish no longer is a concern to you.



I as Director want you to feel that your projects are protected with us and that you find here at NicetoPost all the answers and solutions regarding the range of our services.



Esteban Golubicki
Director Nicetopost




                                                                                               ESTEBAN GOLUBICKI

Esteban Golubicki



Sound Designer, Sound Mixer, Music Producer, Singer

The professional in audiovisual media began working in different studios in 2001.

He was part of working groups at Audio Complex, FX Design, Tres Sonido, Ideas Del sur, RGB and Chris Morena Group as well as other studios and production companies for Film and TV.

After some years of working freelance, and after being partner at Tres Sonido, he felt the necessity to open up his own facilities where he could provide his services to all his clients in Argentina as well as the hole American Region.

Today the Director of NicetoPost has an profound knowledge after working on more than 50 full lenghts movies and 50 TV programs as well as producing music for more than 25 TV programs.

The integrated management of soundtracks and musical production intensified his studies and developments in the field of Postproduction and Sound Mixing for electronic formats. This work made him a reference respected by various local and international TV Producers, he achieved being a consultant and group coordinator to find answers and solutions for complex Projects.




daniel 228x338

Sound Designer 

Editing Coordinator  

ADR Recorder





Sofi 293x345

Sound Editor





Musician, Pianist, Composer and Arrangements



Lauta sonido

Direct Sound

Sound Editor

ADR Recorder



Direct Sound

Sound Editor

ADR Recorder



LEANDRO DIMANT img_leandro_dimant


Musician, Percussionist, Composer



Diego 228x338

Direct Sound.

 Sound Editor. 

Foley Artist 

ADR Recorder




Director of Dubbing into Neutral Spanish.